Measures against COVID – MAS HUIX

At Mas Huix we have always taken extreme measures of cleaning and hygiene. We have always prepared the farmhouse and its facilities as we would like to find it as if we were the ones who were to stay in the house. Now we will continue the same but even more extreme disinfection measures, following the protocols set by the spanish state, so that groups can enjoy their stays in complete safety.

We take Distance and active Protection measures to protect all people who come to the farmhouse:

Distance measurements:

As always, the farmhouse and its facilities are rented whole and without shared spaces.

The owners of the farmhouse are the ones who manage it directly, so for any management, maintenance of the facilities or incidence / emergency, if necessary, only we would come from the farmhouse or technicians we trust.

We will always keep the safety distance and wear a mask.

On the part of the clients what we ask is that there is only one person in the group who is the “interlocutor” with whom we will make all the arrangements: for example, when we arrive at the farmhouse, we will teach the facilities and explain everything we can need and then that person will be the one to explain and teach everything to the rest of the group, so we avoid the crowding of all the people in the group on arrival.

This person from the group who will be the one with whom we will have contact and must wear a mask and keep the safety distance when we meet him / her.

To ensure the necessary cleaning and disinfection time, customers will have to leave promptly before the agreed departure time and will also respect the check-in time.

Active prevention measures:

We follow the cleaning and disinfection protocols set by the spanish state.

All sheets and towels are washed at least 60ºC, totally destroying the virus. In addition, the sheets and towels are at least one week unused, clean and stored unused.

During the cleaning and preparation of the houses, all the personnel who intervene wear a protective mask at all times and wash their hands before, during and after cleaning.

A bleach solution is used and applied to disinfect all surfaces, knobs, door knobs, and switches.

The sets of keys are disinfect each change with the disinfecting solution.

The pool water is disinfected with a salt chlorinator.

We have eliminated expendable decorative objects such as additional cushions on sofàs.

As for the children’s playroom, you won’t find any toys, there will only be a kitchenette without utensils to play with and a children’s table with chairs. We are sorry but we have to eliminate the toys, board games, stories, … that you could previously find there to increase the safety of the people who visit the farmhouse and their health.

Responsibility of the clients:

Clients should bring their face masks and hydroalcoholic gel if necessary. You should bear in mind that the use of a mask is mandatory if you are going to make a purchase or activity for the population and / or if you need to contact those responsible for the house.

In the event that any of the guests have symptoms before coming to the house, it is important that they do not come for their safety, ours and everyone’s.

If any member of the group has symptoms during or after staying at our home, let us know so we can take the appropriate measures.

If you need to make a medical consultation that does not require immediate attention, you can call 061.

If you need urgent medical assistance you can call 112 , 24 hours a day.

More information on the website of the Generalitat de Catalunya.