All the comfort you will find in Mas Huix

We preserve the essence and charm of the origins of the farmhouse, taking care of every detail to create comfortable and cozy rooms, with everything you could need to feel at home.

The Farmhouse

Pets are NOT allowed

2 flat TVs with HDMI

The facilities of the farmhouse are surrounded by a fence the privacy and the children's safety

Heating in the farmhouse (Additional price in The Hayloft)

Free Wi-Fi

The rooms

2 cots
Book in advance

Towels (one large and one small per person)

Sheets on reserved beds

Toilet paper (4 rolls per bathroom)

1 hair dryer per bathroom

The kitchen

2 fridges

2 combi fridges

Small freezer

2 dishwashers

Gas stoves

2 ovens

3 microwaves

Dishes and cutlery

2 Nespresso coffee machines

Italian coffee maker



Bread toaster

Arm beater

Kitchen utensils

Large pan and “paeller” with butane

Ham support
(no ham knife)

Washing machine

Kitchen cloth

Cleaning kit

2 high chairs

What do you need to bring?

Bottled water

You should bring bottled water to drink, especially for the children. The water in the farmhouse is spring water from the mountain.

Kitchen material

Remember that you will not find any basic food products in the farmhouse. You should also bring napkins and kitchen paper, if needed, and detergent or tablets for the dishwasher and garbage bags. For the dining room and porch tables we have oil-type plastic tablecloths. If you prefer other types of tablecloths, you should bring them yourself.

Material for the BBQ

For the fire and barbecue we will provide you with large firewood, but if you need small firewood, coal or something else to light the fire you should bring it yourself.

Swimming pool equipment

For the pool, remember to bring towels, because the ones we offer are only for use in the showers in the farmhouse's interior bathrooms.

Pool safety

Glass cups or bottles cannot be used in the closed space surrounding the pool for the safety of all the people who will use it, that is why we recommend you bring plastic cups in case you need them when you are enjoying this space on good weather days.

Personal hygiene products

Remember that you will not find personal hygiene products in the farmhouse.

Additional information

Mercadona supermarket in Santa Coloma de Farners can bring your order online in the farmhouse. Just contact

This is a completely independent service from farmhouse, but we inform you about it in case it can be of use to you. *The availability of this service must be confirmed in advance.

The delivery address you must indicate when you place the order is Mas Huix – Santa Coloma de Farners, CP: 17430. If you use this service, you must make sure that at the time you agree to deliver the order you will already be at the farmhouse, otherwise the carriers would find the house closed and would not be able to make the delivery.

If you are interested in not having to cook a meal, you have four services from catering that adapt to the types of menus you prefer. Also waiter service option. You can find out more at:

Angels Catering. visit
Contact Angels on the phone 617483082 or by mail

Catering Rice9. Visit:
Contact Gina on the phone: 608676796 or by mail

Can Sibarita catering. visit Contact Nuri on the phone 674726040 or by mail

Catering Les Cassoles de la Rosa. Visit
Contact Rosa on the phone +34 609 431409 or by mail to

Catering l'Ast de la Selva. visit Contact Yerika on the phone 646613431972877178, or by mail

You need to confirm availability of these catering services before making your reservation if you consider them necessary. From Mas Huix we offer you these two alternatives, but there is no catering exclusivity and you are free to choose what you like best.

If you are interested in buying quality meat and artisanal meat preparations, sausages, prepared dishes or other groceries, we recommend Carnisseria Borrell, the town's trusted establishment. For more detailed information on products and prices, you can contact Jordi by phone: 687504233. If you wish, they can have your order ready in store for you to pick up whenever you want. For large orders, they can take it to the farmhouse.

How to get to Mas Huix

It is very important that all drivers who drive to Mas Huix first look for the location of the town of Santa Coloma de Farners. If you enter the coordinates of Mas Huix directly from your place of origin, the navigators often take you to wrong mountain routes that could take you through the town of Sant Hilari Sacalm, a municipality that you should not go through. If you want to set up a meeting point with your companions, you can meet at the Santa Coloma de Farners Town Hall, because it is a central place and is on the way. Once you arrive at Santa Coloma de Farners, you can enter the coordinates below, and they will take you to the access point of the forest track that leads to the farmhouse. From this moment on there will be no loss, because going up the forest trail you will reach Mas Huix. It will take about 15 minutes.

Mas Huix, Santa Coloma de Farners


Angels Catering

Contact person: Angels
Telephone: +34 617483082

Arròs9 Catering

Contact person: Gina
Telephone: +34 608676796


Can Sibarita catering

Contact person: Nuri
Telephone: +34 674726040

Les Cassoles de la Rosa

Contact person: Rosa
Telephone: +34 609431409

L'Ast de la Selva catering

Contact person: Yerika
Telephone: +34 647727801 / 972877178

Recommended establishments in Santa Coloma de Farners

Can Coromines bakery

Telephone: 972 84 31 59
Location: Plaça del Firal, 3

Patisserie and biscuits Trias​

Telephone: 972 840 077
Location: Carrer del Centre, 45

Patisserie and biscuits Tuyarro

Telephone: 972 840 056
Location: Pare Lluís Rodés, 6

Butchery Jordi Borrell​

Telephone: 687 504 233 / 972 840 745
Location: Plaça del Firal, 28

Supermarkets in Santa Coloma de Farners


Telephone: 972 12 92 40
Location: Carrer Llobregat, s/n


Telephone: 972 65 81 90
Location: Ctra. de Sils, 14


Telephone: 900 958 311
Location: Ctra. de Sils, 65