Mas Huix

From the 11th century to the 21st century

Mas Huix is a traditional 11th century farmhouse previously called Ca l'Huix.

The Huix family has always been dedicated to the exploitation of the forest estate that surrounds it, with forests of cork oaks, chestnut trees and pines. In the past, they also cultivated the fields and had small livestock to supply themselves. The stone aqueduct that brought water to the crops is still preserved.

In 1877, Salvi Huix, Bishop of Lleida, was born there. Died during the Civil War, he was proclaimed a martyr and venerable by the Catholic Church at the beatification of Tarragona in 2013. The farmhouse's chapel is a lasting memory of this important stage in its history.

In 2011 the Huix family, Adjutori and Marta, adapted the farmhouse to rural tourism. So far, several renovations have been made to offer its customers the comfort of today's homes, in spacious rooms designed for large family groups, preserving the essence of the farmhouse and taking care of its surroundings to make it an endearing place where you can enjoy the tranquillity, nature and panoramic views of its surroundings.

Today it is also the ideal place for retreats to reconnect with oneself and with the nature, company stays for fostering essential values and relationships between people, and for the celebration of charming, unique and endearing events.